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Valentino Infante’s Career Has Thrived With ALSAC

April 25, 2018

Living in Coral Springs, Florida in 2010, Valentino Infante and his brother started up a phenomenally successful call center, which was charged with selling telecom packages to people who were on a budget. That venture was so successful, in fact, that it attracted attention from the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities (ALSAC), which is the parent organization for world-renowned St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Located in Memphis, ALSAC hired Valentino Infante to be their bilingual representative for outsourced operations, where he developed a passion for helping them that led him to climb the leadership ladder.

Valentino Infante began to climb that ladder relatively quickly. In fact, within three years, he was promoted to Senior Liaison and he continues to make a name for himself within the organization. He now believes the sky’s the limit; just in the last few years, Valentino Infante has garnered significant praise from ALSAC’s top leaders, primarily because he played an integral part in the organization. He has also been praised for his work leading three different teams. He even won a prestigious One Vision award.